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You Got Schooled

You Got Schooled Suffrage Deck

You Got Schooled Suffrage Deck

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Women, wow. Women and history have had a heck of a dance, while some became big as mountains many more were silenced and forgotten. History has a habit of being written by the victors, and by the ones in charge leaving women out of much of human history. Not only were women erased by history, they were also not allowed to participate in much of it. The people in this deck sought to change that, they wanted all women and other minorities to be heard and to have access to their lives and to have choices. This deck is about looking at things as they are and saying “yeah, that’s fine and good for this one group, but what about everyone else?”. Specifically when it comes to voting and choices, Women have only been able to participate for an overall short amount of time and these women were the ones who sought to change that.

60 Card Deck That Includes:

  • 1 Legendary Person With 5 Moves
  • 1 Epic Person With 3 Moves
  • 1 Rare Person With 2 Moves
  • 1 Uncommon Person With 2 Moves
  • 1 Common Person With 1 Move
  • 14 Brain Cards
  • 28 Money Cards
  • 1 Instruction Card
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