About Us

What is Bits&Bobs Toy Shop?

All my life I have wanted to share something with the world. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to share. Over the years, that desire waned, and in its place came self-loathing and laziness. Then one day a couple years back, as I was buying Christmas presents for my son, I bought myself a Lego kit. It was a simple 250ish piece set, and I took it home and built it that night. Over the course of the following year I built probably well over 10,000 pieces worth of Lego sets, and it was the largest course correction I have experienced in my mental health in over a decade. What building those Lego kits with my son gave me was something that no therapist or drug ever has. 

I’ve said all that to say this: Bits&Bobs Toy Shop is far more than just an ecommerce store that happens to sell toys. Bits&Bobs is my way of giving the world what that first Lego kit gave me; something to look forward to. We are in the business of presenting the customer with what could possibly be the hobby you spend the rest of your life doing. We aren’t just selling a toy or even a hobby. We are selling a sense of purpose. All I wanted to do was make something, and I kept myself from doing it for so long. It didn’t have to be something earth-shattering. Just completing a single Lego model set me on a course to fulfilling my dreams, and I want to share that with anyone who wants to share it with me.

Hopefully this wasn’t too cheesy, boring, or hard to follow, but this is the only way I knew how to word what I needed to say to get my point across about my business. I love what we’re doing so much, and we haven’t even started yet. I hope you love it too!