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You Got Schooled

You Got Schooled Public Enemy Deck

You Got Schooled Public Enemy Deck

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Here we are, Humanities Bad Apples. Well, it’s a start anyway. Humans are a complex species, we are enthralled by the best and worse we have to offer. We started this deck as “most Wanted” but we wanted to broaden it so, later on, we can include international criminals. We do need to say, we don’t condone violence, theft, or any other various crimes nor are we here to glorify those things. History though is full of the best and worst and a million people in between and we’re gonna try to cover them all. Also, who doesn’t like to play the bad guy sometimes? if you do, this deck is for you!

60 Card Deck That Includes:

  • 1 Legendary Person With 5 Moves
  • 1 Epic Person With 3 Moves
  • 1 Rare Person With 2 Moves
  • 1 Uncommon Person With 2 Moves
  • 1 Common Person With 1 Move
  • 14 Brain Cards
  • 28 Money Cards
  • 1 Instruction Card
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