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You Got Schooled

You Got Schooled Civil Rights Deck

You Got Schooled Civil Rights Deck

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Human history is one thing above all else, human history is messy. It is full of disaster, tragedy, bad choices, and oppression. That is no secret; History, it turns out, is also full of hope, love, determination, and triumph. The American Civil Rights movement was one major time where hope fought disaster, love beat tragedy, determination overcame generations of bad choices and people came together to triumph over oppression. When we look back at history we must take the good with the bad, the battle for equality has been fought on many battlefields across the world in one way or another or likely all of human history. This deck focuses on the warriors who stood up and said not just “no more” but “never again”

60 Card Deck That Includes:

  • 1 Legendary Person With 5 Moves
  • 1 Epic Person With 3 Moves
  • 1 Rare Person With 2 Moves
  • 1 Uncommon Person With 2 Moves
  • 1 Common Person With 1 Move
  • 14 Brain Cards
  • 28 Money Cards
  • 1 Instruction Card
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